Grab Some Grub from Newk’s in Newnan


Looking for somewhere to dine that sits close to our apartments near Ashley Park Mall and boasts positive customer reviews? If so, let us take the hassle out of searching by recommending Newk's Eatery. Located on 368 Newnan Crossing Bypass, this business offers grab-n-go dinner options and everyone who visits is pleasantly surprised. It could be the … [Read more...]

Does Your Child Struggle to Focus on Homework? Here’s How to Help


You may not know it, but most children have great study habits. It's just encouraging young ones to apply themselves that can be the challenge for many parents. When you lease one of our Newnan luxury apartments, close to local schools, it's a good idea to introduce study time at home, as well as inside the classroom. The environment your child … [Read more...]

Have You Been to the Alamo at Newnan?

Source: The Alamo via Facebook

Looking for top-rated restaurants in Newnan? If so, take the short trip from our Newnan apartment community of Jefferson Point to 19 West Court Square, where you will find Alamo Jacks. Ranked number one on the list of top local diners in the city according to TripAdvisor, it has been described as a "great place to see a band," and to eat and drink, … [Read more...]

Simple Solutions for Saving Money on a Daily Basis


We all want to save money, but it can be so difficult. Between the necessities of life: housing, food and transportation and all those things that we want and think we deserve, it can be hard to ever get ahead financially. These simple tips may just make it a bit easier to keep a few more of your hard earned dollars in the bank each week. Don't … [Read more...]

Get a Taste of Historic Artifacts at the Male Academy Museum

Get a Taste of Historic Artifacts at the Male Academy Museum

Clothing sure has changed between the Civil War era and the present days. At the Male Academy Museum, you can see clothing, weapons, equipment and more from days gone by. The items at the Male Academy Museum have been collected from private collections and the Daughters of the Confederacy. Among the collections, you'll see photographs from years gone by, … [Read more...]